Hello we are

we are a design and print studio,
providing all types of creative services to businesses,
including print, digital design, video production
and printed clothing.



The power of good graphic design  in branding and marketing, can bring communications to life.
Whether it’s a logo or a website,  printed materials or illustration, good design can be used to create a unique look, making your business stand out from the crowd. 


While digital design has its many advantages, there is still a place for printed material, as it can be carried around, placed on people’s desks, and easily viewed without the need for technology


Printed garments play a significant role in promoting brand awareness and building a strong brand identity for businesses.


Professional video shoots, combined with expert editing, can make business communication effective in a visually appealing and engaging way.

Our video services include:

  • Video shoot on location
  • Storyboarding and editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Animation
  • Drone video
  • Voice-overs


Photography of people, places and products… our photography service can be used as a part of one of our client’s website or print projects – or as a standalone service.


Professional drone video and photography can be an incredibly effective tool for business promotion, showcasing a unique perspective of your products, services or location.

Our drone services include:

  • Property construction videos
  • Event video
  • Promotional video
  • Aerial stills photography


Traditional screen printing by hand – is such an adaptable process for printing tee-shirts, tote bags, ccc and even wine glasses!


Machine embroidery is an amazing way to brand your clothing. Logos and images have to be digitised first, so that they can be stitched out. We always provide a sample of new designs for approval by the client before committing to stitching the garments. Once digitised the file can be used again and again.


.Who doesn’t love a sticker?

Vinyl signs can be used on a variety of surfaces, including walls, windows, vehicles, and more.


Diagrams, paintings, murals and AI illustrations…

Inspired? -then let’s talk!

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